What’s It Like To Be You?

How’re you doing?

Too often mediation is seen as a way of escaping from stress or getting to a ‘new you’ who is all calm, never makes a complete arse of things or catches their dressing gown sleeve on the door handle. But it’s not about that at all.

Meditation means taking a close, non-judgemental look at what it feels like to be you and alive in this moment, right now.

Next time you meditate, ask yourself how you are – and wait. ¬†Just notice how you feel in that moment. Don’t get caught up in describing it to yourself, you’re not going for a “I’m pissed off and my arse is going numb” conversation with yourself.

Rather, notice what being pissed off really feels like. Where do you feel it? Are your shoulders tight? Jaw clenched? How are you breathing? The aim isn’t to stop any of that, it’s just to be aware of it. You might find yourself relaxing a little but its actually not the point. If you’re tense, happy, calm or completely bloody furious that’s all ok. You want to have the full direct experience of being you.

If you can notice your experience precisely and pay careful attention to it, you’ll create some space around it.

The¬†part of you that notices is golden. That’s because the bit that’s aware is in fact never pissed off, or happy, or calm. It’s just there, alive and observing, just like you are.