FIVE helpful wee things to remember about meditation

Some useful thoughts that will comfort reluctant meditators…

Where does all that stuff in your head come from?
  1. Be really nice to yourself.  This isn’t optional. If you’re shouting at yourself when your meditating you’re kinda missing the point.
  2. Accept that your brain talks nonsense most of the time.  Getting comfortable with just how much crap is in your head makes it easier to deal with.
  3. Lighten up.  Everyone has a shed load of problems, major personality defects and oodles of shit that they haven’t processed’.  It’s okay, that’s why we made this place.
  4. Don’t expect something to happen.  Meditation isn’t about achieving a blissful state or being all ‘spiritual’. It’s about noticing without judgement what its like to be you, moment by moment.
  5. Stop reading about meditation and you know, actually do some.